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Integrated Watering System
The year 2011 is a switch from manual watering using hose, to a fully automatic system. We asked and looked around and at the end met a full-time farmer, Wan Azuar from Wakaf Bata a few kilometers towards Machang. He was once a computer engineer working with NEC, but life was a little bit globe trotting he said. A week in Japan, a week in Dubai, two weeks in Malaysia and so on. After 10 years he quit to be a full-time farmer, growing chili and rock melons to support his family.We engaged him to help us with the new integrated watering system, which includes drips, weepers, sprays and sprinklers for potted plants, orchid house, vegetable bed and lawn.

100 gallon water tank and 1 horse-power pump

The main distribution pipe, with subsidiary pipes sending water to different sections. Walkway is not complete yet, I dont know how long will this one take at the current working rate of one hour a day...

 a timer,
to control number of waterings and duration of each.

Kakdah's new orchid house.
The orchids will be watered almost like mist with fine sprinklers.

Seven roselle blooming simultaneously.
Tanah Merah had been without rain for almost two weeks now.
They need water badly, so they get sprinkler sharing with lawn and papaya.

 ubi kemili
or popularly  known as ubi keling in Kelantan

 ulam raja

raised bed watering system
hot chili (chili padi) and a row lady's fingers just transplanted. 
red chili with drips, 
still at four leaves.

Gardening ahead.
Year 2011 will be the year for us to get used to  the new watering system. Some adjustment has to be made on where to garden, the vegetables, the schedule, and containers, with the new system. We are still assessing the performance of the system if it needs some adjustments and upgrade. I hope I can handle the new system well and enjoy gardening as much. It costs a little bit but it is a necessity for now.... and I am thinking how to capture rain water as source of water for the garden.

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